Training Needs Assessment

    To help you choose the best type of dog behavior training services, please choose from the options we offer below. This helps us to assess and customize your dog's training needs. If what you want is not listed, please call us and we'll be happy to help. "I need dog training for my ..." 




for things like...
-Leash Training
-Home Manners
-Beginner Obedience
-Potty Training
-Bite Inhibition
-Problem Prevention
-Large and Small Breed Techniques

Adult Dog of any age

for things like...
-Retraining and Command Refresh
-Basic and Advanced Obedience Training
-Offleash Training
-Aggression Solutions
-Potty Training Problems
-Indoor/Outdoor Dog Manners Solutions

"Good" Dog

for things like...
-Obedience School
-Basic Obedience Training
-Dog Manners
-Offleash Training
-Distraction Training

"Bad" Dog

 for things like...
-Barking and Whining Solutions
-Jumping and Rough Play Solutions
-Leash Pulling Solutions
-Behavior Management and Rehabilitation 

Aggressive Dog

for things like...
-Growling and Biting Solutions
-Food Aggression and Resource Guarding
-Dog Aggression Solutions
-Small Animal, Cat, Horse or Animal Aggression
-Predation Aggression Solutions
-Children and Dog Interaction Solutions

Runaway Dog

for things like...
-Not Coming When Called Solutions
-Chase and Predation Solutions
-Running After Deer, Squirrels Solutions 
-Hiking and Open Area Exercise Solutions
-Offleash Obedience Solutions

Hyper Dog

for things like...
-Jumping and Rough Play Solutions
-Home Manners
-Offleash Obedience
-Exercise Solutions: Swim, Retrieve, Frisbee, Tug
-Proper Play Structure Solutions

Shy, Fearful Dog

for things like...
Sensitivity and Reactivity Solutions
-Fear and Phobia Solutions
-Pack Structure Solutions
-Security and Confidence Solutions
-Separation Anxiety Solutions

Service or Therapy Dog, or Prospect

for things like...
-Environmental Desensitization
-Specific Socialization
-Task/Skillset Solutions
-Temperament Evaluation
-Certification/Testing Preparation
-Handler Training

Self (Owner Education)

I want to learn more about...
-Bite Prevention and Safety Education 
-Ettiquette for Children and Dogs
-Motivational Training Technique Education
-Correctional Phase and Utilization Education
-Potty Training Education
-Offleash Options and Control Education 

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We welcome dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds and pride ourselves in providing exceptional solutions for dogs that are hyper, aggressive, strong, working breeds as well as Advanced Puppy Programs for all puppies beginning at 8 weeks old.