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Read what Top Paw Training clients say about their dog's transformations...

"Attila has been awesome since you dropped him off. It's like having a whole different dog now. No outbursts, good in his crate, great on walks and actually seems to prefer offleash...He stays on his bed when we put him there. Pretty amazing."
Marc and Christine H., Doberman Pinscher, Board and Train program, territorial aggression solutions, resource guarding solutions, dog aggression rehab, people socialization, public obedience and offleash training

"Hey Alison...just letting you know today was day #1 up at the gym and Rosie is doing AMAZING! ...just wanted to say thanks again! We love her so much!!! She truly has blown us away the past couple of days! She's adjusting so well! I'm so glad she was loved while she was away!"
Aaron and Abigail W., Anatolian Mix, Board and Train program, advanced public obedience and offleash

"I will try the tips. You make me feel so much better! We left Roscoe alone in house yesterday for over an hour (not crated) & he did super- no damage to anything though creases on blanket showed he was on bed a little. He's really good in house. Has tried 2x to sneak a paw, then up on couch but a quick "off" or "no" = immediately off. And when we eat he "stays" on his bed in living room...On Sat I took him out myself for first time w/ remote on, collar & leash & walked him down a few blocks to lake. He was staying pretty much at heel, turned with me, walked faster and slower, a few seconds light jog...he got ahead of me a little but then does slow down when I slow down."
Jo D., Labrador Retriever, Board and Train, offleash obedience, loose leash walking

" [Dez] is doing great. He has his moments, but overall we love the change in his overall behavior... Running with Dez is so much more enjoyable because he doesn’t try to pull my arm off trying to get to every critter we see... He recently chased a deer a good distance behind the school and into the wooded area...but responded when prompted by his remote collar. The best part of that situation was, when I had him in my line of site, the look on his face! Little stinker. I got close enough so he could hear and see my face and understand by my expression that he was “COLD!” It was the funniest thing ever. Of course I praised him for coming over to me... Poor thing had to run on leash the rest of the morning, and let me tell you….it was a great on leash run. =) ...
In the house, he does great... We practice his basic commands often. Just last night S. had him stay on his “bed” while he swept the kitchen floors. Dez and I always practice his down and stay command while out for a walk or jog. He’s also incredible at fetch now. All in all, we are a happy family and love having him back. "
- Cyndi J.,  Mixed- American Bulldog/Lab, Board and Train program, offleash obedience, child-reactive socialization

"Harley and Libby send greetings. Doing great. Some days I am so proud of them. Other days I know it is my fault. They are the absolutely best travel companions. They love New Mexico and handle the 10 hour drive so well. They showed everyone at th Westin river walk how smart they are. You did good. "
- Paula D., Yorkshire Terriers, public reactivity training, car riding, loading and exiting

"Was thinking about you and brought up your web-site loved seeing the picture of you and Rio on the home page and the others of you & him. He is doing much better still have to keep a close watch on him when people are at our home he's so protective of ME and HIS space. When we go windsurfing at the lake, walking or camping his fine around other people. Thanks for all you did for us. "
- Peggy P., Australian Shepherd, aggression reactivity, offleash training, obedience curriculum, in home training

"Ella has been wonderful. We went on our first walk with the baby stroller yesterday and she was incredible walking along side without pulling or distraction. She loves to show off her ability to follow her new commands. She's really doing great. Thanks so much." 
- A. Kagel, Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Mix, Obedience commands, offleash obedience and anti-aggression solutions.

"Kobra is doing just great, she is responding to her commands. She is such a joy to have around & we are spoiling her rotten... You would have been proud of her- she was watching the workers and I put her at a down and stay position for quite a while... She was awesome! I worked her commands around the sounds and she never missed a beat! She was right on cue even with distraction of people and equipment.
She misses you! I reviewed one of the training videos you sent us. You were talking to her, praising her and she heard your voice and she stood up started to howl and whimpering and looking for you! Kobra was barking at us as if asking us, "Where is Alison?" We calmed her down and told her it was just your voice. She was so cute- she tilted her head as if she actually understood what we were talking about...We will keep you updated. So far, she has not regressed to her old ways..."

- K. & D. Hernandez, German Shepherd, Obedience, offleash, fear aggression solutions, socialization

I just wanted to let you know that Billie is doing wonderful. She is an absolute joy to have around now. Bobbie is still a bit pissed she's back but she'll come around. We had a BBQ this weekend with about 15 people over - she was very
respectful, stayed in the yard, let the kids pet her (or ignored them completely) and basically just "hung out" with us - that is EXACTLY the dog I wanted. Thank you for your hard work - I know it wasn't easy.

- Lisa G., Basset Hound, Board and Train program, barking and potty training solutions

"Both of the girls have been so settled now and seem content. They both have been very good and mostly staying out of trouble. This keeps my stress level lower. Wanted to thank you for being there for us...."

- L. Wingerter, Rottweilers and Rottweiler Mix, Obedience, Board and Train, Offleash OB, Wildlife chasing solutions

"I referred our MOST pickiest client... and she gave you great marks! Thanks so much!"
- Karen, Office Manager at New Braunfels Vet Clinic - Client's dogs needed obedience training, destructive behavior modification, offleash reliability.

"Alison is the best. Love from Harley and Libby- two of her best students."
- Paula, D., Yorkshire Terriers, Obedience commands, potty training, socialization solutions.

"I was looking at the 'S.M.S.' [abbreviated competitor's business] a friend of mine told me about. I have seen some of their videos and such and I DID get an uncomfortable vibe from them!! I am very glad and blessed to have a trainer such as you and the effort you put into all of our sessions! I will swear by Top Paw Training!"

- Nicole S., Great Danes, Labrador, Dachshund, Mix puppy. Basic, intermediate obedience, puppy lessons.

"Kate's doin' great, we take her to the park alot. I want to thank you again for all your help and assistance. Without you, I know Kate would not be as good as she is."

- C. Hammond, Rottweiler. Basic and advanced obedience, service dog

"...Thank you so much for showing us how to ;) "Be the Pack Leaders!"

- M. Denson, Terrier Mixes. Dog-to-dog aggression in the home

"This board and train service is 5-star! The trainer is endlessly patient with the pups AND the owners! She offers full service in this area of training and pet sitting for all pets. All around A+ operation. "

(Picture) "I'm sending a down stay moment. For both of them. Who knew it would be so special to me? I really have encountered so many of the things you told me I might. It's a little amusing. To me, not Sonia [white] or Liliana [red]. We had about a 5 minute sit and wait this morning on the third outdoor trip. I just had to get it right. And did!"
- Gena K., Standard Poodles.socialization rehabilitation, Board and train program, obedience, potty training

“Coda has been doing great! His behavior at home has drastically changed. He is doing better than we expected.” 
- Morton Family, Labrador and German Shorthaired Pointer. Advanced obedience, offleash reliability, trail running/biking

“Alison, just wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for coming out and giving all of us some training. The ‘kids’ have been great now!”
- L. Mitchell, Great Dane/White German Shepherd Mix, Terrier, Mixes. Crate training, basic obedience.

“We are benefiting from the training, especially Rukka! She is doing well on the leash and interacting in public. I have noticed she is whining less and isn't as reactive to people.”
- J. Schaefer, American Staffordshire Terriers. Leash pulling, dog aggression, reactive to people and distractions, behavioral rehabilitation.

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Recent Client Pictures:    

 "Macie", Labrador Retriever

 "Wolfie", Wolf Hybrid

 "Bailey", Havanese

 "Cooper", Dachshund,  "Abby", Bull Terrier


 "Harvey", Beagle

 "Josie", Rottweiler

 "Wags", Standard Poodle

 "Spots", Pointer Mix

 Bridget, Hound/Rottweiler Mix

"Bozzle", Terrier Mix


 "Buddy", Jack Russell Terrier

 "Katrina", White German Shepherd

 "Elvis", French Bulldog



 "Jackson", German Shepherd

"Mia", Sheltland Sheepdog 

 "Sasha & Buddy", Husky Mix, Pointer Mix


 "Kaiser", German Shepherd Dog

 "Katrina", German Shepherd Dog

 "Sam", Papillon


"Effieboots", Corgi

 "Kate", Rottweiller

 "Liliana and Sonia", Standard Poodles

 "Kosmo", Standard Schnauzer

 "Olive", Catahoula Leopard Dog

 "Sam", Catahoula

 "Pepper", Catahoula

 "Nikko", Rottweiler

 "Pucci", Cocker Spaniel

 "Uschi", German Shepherd

 "Monkey", Papillon

 "Leo", Boxer

 "Hunter", Labrador Retriever

 "Bama", Miniature Australian Shepherd

 "Belle", Miniature Australian Shepherd

 "Sadie" & "Chubbs", Bluetick Hound & German Shepherd

 "Lizzy", Rottweiler/Labrador Mix

"Beau", Miniature Poodle

 "Rowdy", Border Collie

  "Ranger", Pointer Mix

Yorkshire Terriers 

"Dumbo" , Labrador Mix 
"Sir Winston", Bloodhound 
"Coda", German Shorthaired Pointer
"Chief" & "Liberty", English Springer Spaniels


"Winston", Cocker Spaniel

"Keemo" & "Rukka", American Pit Bull Terriers
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"Layla", Great Dane
"Oliver", Cocker Spaniel
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