In-Home Training

    Begin with a professional evaluation and diagnosis including temperament profiling, puppy aptitude testing, and education on why your dog may act like he/she does. Call me to setup your consult @ (830) 557-7026. You won't find professional behavior analysis & solutions this good anywhere else in our local area.

    A custom training plan is formed from the evaluation and includes behavior explanations, training steps and custom notes for your unique dog. Infosheets on specific behaviors, methods, and training games are included. Your sessions can be scheduled weekly and when you have the time.

    Education for the handler is priority, as well! I will teach you how to handle and train your own dog while also imprinting the new behaviors to your dog. I’ll coach you to have success when you are training by showing you what to do- and what not to do. You can call or text me anytime to ask a question or report success.

    Foundational training is often done in your home or backyard and then progressed to a public place to help your dog strengthen his new behaviors. Sessions are 1 hour in length and do not expire- use them when you need them. Practicing is as easy as playing a few skill-building games with your dog. There's no boring drills- Nobody likes those.

    Multiple dogs are not an extra charge although extra sessions may be needed. Any dog over age 8 wks old is eligible. Aggression cases are welcome. Packages are scheduled on a limited case-by-case basis. Please call for a phone consult to get started.

To start your dog’s custom training plan, schedule a consultation by calling 830-557-7026 or email Remember that in-home booking is limited by availability.

Private In-Home Training Options, Details & Rates

General Package Information

Package consists of one 40-minute consultation and 4 one-hour sessions in the client's home.
For dogs and puppies over the age of 8 weeks of age to 15 years old.
Includes consultation, owner education during the program, dog training in your home, infosheets and training plan, email and phone support.
Base price of $275.00, location charges apply.
Program options below. Custom programs available.

Canine Groundwork Program

    All breeds of all ages. "Groundwork" is a term that comes from the horse world referring to the training you do on the ground to prepare the horse to be ridden. You would never dream of ever getting on horse's back without the proper groundwork (we've all see those buckin' broncs in the rodeos!) It's the same for dogs. If you want your dog to pay attention to you, listen, look, obey and be your partner, then your dog needs groundwork. The skills are simple and easy to learn! A must for any dog new to training, teaching leadership or working with a rescue.

Puppy Manners & Socialization

 All breeds 8-24 wks old. Socialization is the most important part of puppyhood. The first four months of a pup's life will set the future of his behavior and temperament. I will help you to raise your puppy correctly. Potty training is also a concern for a good companion that will be inside your home. Leash training, teaching a pup not to bite, and basic manners and commands are included.

Basic Obedience

 All breeds 6mo and older. Custom training plans teach your dog to sit, lay down, stay, leash yielding, come, not jump, get up/off, and many more optional behaviors for your best friend to learn. Practice is as easy as playing a few fun skill-building games with your dog!

Advanced Obedience

 All breeds 6mo and older. Custom training plans to help you meet advanced behaviors goals such as heeling, offleash reliability, recall, retreive, K9 Nosework and scent detection games. We cover what you want to improve upon in your sessions. Really enjoy your dog's intelligence through advanced training!

Problem Behavior Solutions

    I will show you how to break the cycle and solve the common bad-habit behaviors like:
Jumping, chewing, digging, barking, biting, rough-housing, pawing, begging, stealing, chasing small animals/deer, pulling on the leash and other inappropriate behaviors. Any issues you've identified as problem behaviors will be addressed.
Solutions include counter-counditioning, desensitization, training an incompatible behavior, remote correction, daily structure change, groundwork and training foundation, proper handling skills, proper play rules, etc. 

Potty Training

    All breeds 8 weeks and older. Potty Training Owner Education in an hour-and-a-half session in your home, which will provide you with the knowledge to completely potty train your dog within the next two weeks.
This package includes training for your dog to ring a bell to go potty and equipment is included. You will also learn the proper daily structure, proper feed schedules, leash handling skills, and crate training for your dog's potty training success.
You will receive an infosheet on potty training, potty schedule templates, and a custom potty training plan. I provide personal support via phone or email until your dog is trained.

To start your dog’s custom training plan, schedule a consultation by calling 830-557-7026 or email Remember that in-home booking is limited by availability.