Group Obedience Classes

Landa Park Group Obedience Training Classes
"Using Motivational Methods and Proper Communication to Train"
Classes are seasonal. Check back in spring or late fall.

    Our classes are an 'all-skill-levels' class so any dog or puppy (over 4 months) can attend. No prior formal training is required. While some dogs are learning how to do the commands, some will be working on perfecting the commands they already know around the distraction of other people and dogs. 
    These are also great classes to compliment our Private Training Package or the perfect next step after our Board & Train Program.

You Will Learn...
 We will teach you how to properly and effectively communicate with your dog to teach him what is expected through obedience training. We use reward based motivational training to help you bring out the best in your best friend. This training class is more than those other “treat-training classes”; we teach you how to get obedience from your dog around distractions!
    A variety of exercises to socialize and control your dog around other dogs and people are also included.
    You’ll appreciate the owner education on proper engagement and communication with your dog, leash handling skills, using marker training, how to handle your dog’s reactivity, and beneficial exercise for an intelligent or athletic dog. 
    Did we mention your dog will graduate with a diploma?

Requirements to Enroll and Details
Dogs over 16 weeks with no prior formal training are invited
Group classes open to all breeds of dogs
Class sizes are limited to approximately 10 dogs
Well behaved children are welcome to attend, and kids 8-10 years on up are encouraged to work their own dog in class.
There is always time set aside for questions at the end of each class session and a weekly handout is distributed at the end of each class.

Please Bring to Class
Any type of collar

4-6 ft leash recommended
You may bring a clicker, if desired
Treat bag (see picture >)
Soft, smelly, dime-sized pieces of treats you know your dog like!
Dog waste cleanup bags (recycle those plastic grocery bags)
Water for you and your dog, restrooms and water fountains are available
Comfortable shoes

Membership Fees
The cost for a membership is $95.00, by pre-registration only. You are allowed attendance to as many classes as you would like during the 8 weeks of classes. For instance, if you missed last week’s class, just attend the session you missed on another day when that class is scheduled. Or you can attend all the classes offered to get extra practice. In order to be prepared for next week’s class, you’ll need to practice with your dog about 10 minutes a day in your home.
Pre-register to reserve your spot.

   I look forward to meeting you all soon! 
    Generally, dogs should be at least 4 months (16 weeks) of age before starting public obedience classes. However, some dogs may be ready at a slightly earlier age. If you have a dog that is younger than 4 months which you desire to start in class, it is suggested that you discuss your dog's readiness with the trainer. Older dogs are trainable, too! Many dogs have started and successfully trained after the age of 5 years. Dogs which the trainer deems too dangerous or uncontrollable will not be permitted to enroll.

 Call Alison with any questions- 830-557-7026.

MEET YOUR TRAINER AT THE LANDA PARK DANCE SLAB OR CALL 830-557-7026 FOR DIRECTIONS. Use the below map options "ter" for terrain map and "map" for roadview.

Landa Park Obedience Clinic Location