Training Gallery

 This gallery of pictures from our Obedience Boarding School program shows you how enriching my diverse training approach is for all of the dogs enrolled. By focusing on the "whole dog", I can ensure that my training transform your dog's behavior for the better.


A well-trained graduate of Obedience School.

Buddy with the trainer, Alison Swift


Practicing a down-stay in a field. Offleash obedience is available in my Obedience School.


Each dog is taught how to ride in a vehicle politely.


Josie and Buddy practice obeying commands in the home, while under the distraction of each other.

 Bella, Rottweiller, and Pickles, Basset Hound/Lab, playing together after training.

Dog-to-dog socialization and playtime is an important part of the Board and Train experience. Social skills, manners and enjoyment is gained when dogs play and learn together. 

 All dogs are exposed to other animals, like ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, dove, pigeons, chickens and roosters, peacocks, pot-bellied pigs, ducks and geese, large and small parrots and more! 

Rawhides and toys tempt a dog to disconnect his attention off the trainer and handler. Focus while around distractions is an important part of reliability. 


 Every dog is socialized and trained to obey around distractions at local dog-friendly public stores, like New Braunfels Feed and Supply.

Each dog is exposed to a level of distraction that promotes obedience and calmness. For dogs that are nervous or hyper, I counder-condition them to enjoy these outings while teaching proper social manners.


I practice commands like the down-stay in the public store aisles.

"Buddy", Golden Retriver 


Buddy obeys the "bed" command while the cat eats her breakfast.

Obedience and social manners around cats is promoted safely and gently so that both cat and dog learn to respect each other's boundaries.

 Each dog learns to obey in the presence of other dogs. Here Buddy and Josie practice a sit-stay and a down-stay on their rugs. This is an excellent practice for the dogs in the kitchen when a meal is being prepared.



 Standard Poodle sisters: Puppy Obedience and Manners; Place command
Sit-Stay together.
 Down Stays
Stay on objects with distance and distractions for reliability testing.


 Rehabilitation for Fear Aggression case. I have experience training strong, large dogs. 

Offleash reliability for increased exercise ability, increased dog and handler confidence and communication.

 Socialization and desensitization to car travel.

Graduation after successfully completing the program. The goal was a safe, stable dog in public and under stress. 

 Praise and Petting Time

Place Command

A good scratch after a job well done

5 mo Pup in a Sit Stay w/ distractions in feed store
5 mo Pup in Down Stay around distractions
 5 mo Pup in a Down Stay w/ distractions in store

5 mo Pup in Down Stay with distractions...chickens and peacocks and goats, oh my!

 5 mo Pup in Sit Stay w/ distractions in store

5 mo Pup in Down Stay on an object

Graduation from Obedience Boarding School at his transfer session at his home.







Due to the attention and time given to each dog enrolled in Obedience Boarding School, I only accept a  limited number of  dogs per session. Please contact Alison to enroll your dog at the next available opening. Call 830-557-7026.