Dog Training Services

    Top Paw Training's holistic approach looks at all facets that can improve your dog's behavior. We address the "whole dog" by balancing education, structure, and fulfilling your dog's needs to promote a mentally and physically healthy companion. Your dog will enjoy training as much as you will enjoy the results. We offer a variety of services in order to share our expertise with you and meet your goals.

Phone Consultations

Free. Give a dog trainer a call to talk about options, solutions and what we can do to help. You can also setup a phone consult appointment by texting us for call at a later time. Email describing your situation and we'll reply with our thoughts and possible solution options.

Dog Assessments

$80 in our in-home service area. (Discounts available with service purchase)
Hour and a half session with a dog trainer.
In your home, our facility or location of your choice to display the behaviors of concern.
For dogs of ALL ages.
Let us assess your dog's temperament, training needs, or behavioral problems by watching him interact with his environment, respond to commands and by testing for certain reactions.
We'll recommend which program, equipment, handling skills, or training solutions may help.
Complete with written evaluation and follow-up plan recommendations.Prerequisite for Group Classes.

Board and Train Programs

Companion Dog Boarding Schools

Our Companion Dog Boarding School programs are extremely effective at changing your dog’s behaviors and teaching you how to achieve obedience and companionship with your dog in the shortest amount of time.

Your dog is completely immersed in a board-and-train-style education at the trainer’s home for about a month, depending on the options you choose.

Beside formal training, each day is also filled with social play outside with dog friends, offleash exploration and exercise, interactive toys and chew time, and love in the home with the family with proper structure and boundaries to ensure good habits are formed.

We’ll hit the road and train at public locations and in real-life scenarios to test and strengthen his education

You’ll be updated with pictures and video throughout your dog’s stay so you can see that he is happy and learning. To help teach you how to be the leader and keep the good behaviors, we’ll also send out instructions to read and video to watch so you can be prepared for when your dog graduates.

Support is a Priority

We offer full support for our board and train programs. Instead of picking your dog up at graduation, we bring your dog back to you to ensure he adopts his new skills in his home environment and with YOU as his handler.

In weeks afterwards, a dog trainer will come back to your home if you need help or we’ll send a custom video demo to make sure you understand how to use your dog’s training. You’re welcome to call your trainer or email anytime you need extra help.

Obedience Boarding School

Full service program is $2500.

3-4 weeks stay in the dog trainer's home.

    Begin your dog's custom program by talking to a dog trainer 830-557-7026.    

    For dogs atleast 6 months old that are simply uneducated, or don't understand communication or commands, are stubborn sometimes, are learning to become indoor dogs, or dogs adopted from a shelter with no obvious behavior problems, or dogs with alot of energy and no off switch, dogs with minor bad habit developing, or dogs that listen most of the time but have forgotten what to do or aren't reliable.     Options include obedience commands and offleash control training and equipment.

Behavior Modification Bootcamp

Starting at $2000.

3 to 6 weeks stay in the dog trainer's home.
    Begin your dog's custom program by talking to a dog trainer 830-557-7026.

    For dogs with aggression, fear, anxiety, reactivity, social issues or serious problems needing intense education with an experienced trainer. Options include obedience commands, offleash control training, desensitization, and control, confidence, respect and boundary exercises.

Offleash Essentials: Freedom with Control

$ call for pricing

Options: Dog can learn in your home, or board and train-style, or at the training facility.
Purchase equipment from us or use your own.
(Call us for recommendations before buying your own!!!)

    *We are low-level, humane remote collar specialists!* Give your dog the gift of safe, controlled offleash freedom and exercise. You learn handling skills to read and communicate with your dog at a distance, as well as how to use the equipment in sticky situations for confidence. Basic offleash control using rewards, low-level remote collar communication and voice commands are trained. 
    We use a remote collar/electronic collar/"e-collar" that is reliable, easy-to-use, waterproof, and rechargeable- or we can use your own equipment.  Dogs 5 months of age and older are ready for offleash training. 

    (Make no mistake- unless you have used a remote collar for offleash training, your dog isn't truly offleash reliable. Let's take your communication to the most effective level for safety using my low-level prompt and correction system of training.) 
    Great for backcountry trail dogs, dogs that need alot of exercise to run and at the dog park, river and lake dogs, situations where your dog MUST come when called and be under your control. Call to schedule : 830-557-7026

Aggression Solutions & Behavior Modification

We have the knowledge and confidence to work with aggressive dogs. End the stress; gain control, confidence, trust and peace! The longer you wait, the worse things can get. This goes for fearful dogs, anti-social behaviors, rescue dogs with past abuse, strong dominant animals, dog aggression, separation anxiety, and other moderate to severe problems that may be hindering a full enjoyment of your companion dog.

We've follow a comprehensive approach to treat and manage fear-related or dominance-fueled reactivity and aggressive behaviors. A custom plan is created to integrate your dog into an appropriate training program- either private sessions or board and train.

Committed handlers are required for this intense rehabilitation solution. Our serious approach will re-establish mutual respect and boundaries- and, unlike other programs, will NOT take 6 months. You'll see results after one session. Speak with a trainer to develop a your dog's training roadmap by calling 830-557-7026.

Dog Training Equipment Solutions

    Ez-Control training collars (custom-made training collars), functional leashes and recommended interactive toys for feeding and enrichment are available for purchase from your trainer. Feel free to call for suggestions on these products.

Training Solution Examples

· Board & Train, “Obedience Boarding School”     · Basic Obedience Commands
· Followup sessions in your home or a park             · Puppy Manners, Socialization, & Foundation Skills
· AKC Canine Good Citizen Test Preparation         · Public Distraction Training & Proofing Work
· Environmental Socialization & Desensitization     · Behavior Problems & Rehabilitation
· Temperament Tests, Behavioral Evaluations         · Professional Animal Behavior Counseling
· Humane Offleash Training, no punishment            · Dog Equipment Education, Recommendation
· K9 Nosework Sport, Scent Detection Games         · Fear, Dominance & Dog Aggression Solutions
· Pack Leader Education, Pack Structure                 · Nail Trimming & Grooming Training
· Offleash Training for Trails, Hiking, Biking             · Preparing Dogs for Babies & Children
· Predation, Livestock Chasing Solutions                 · Dog Adoption, Rescue Consult & Preparation
· Barking, Jumping, Pulling Solutions                     · Tricks, Game Training,

Top Paw Training is confident we can help you with our successful behavior solutions time and again for problems like...
Housebreaking, Crate Training and Potty Training
Barking, Digging, Fence Jumping
Separation Anxiety, from mild to moderate/high levels
Fear, prey, leash, other types of Aggression, Biting, Reactivity, Touch/handling sensitivity
Dog Aggression/fighting from Dominance, other inappropriate social behaviors
Lunging, Growling, Territorial displays
Nervous pacing, whining and insecurity, poor coping habits, poor adaptation to change or stress
Introducing dogs properly, managing a pack, breaking up dog fights, disagreeable dog problems
Darting out doors, Running off the property, Not coming when called, Chasing deer/wildlife/other animals
Jumping up on people and counter tops, furniture, Learning to jump into vehicles
OCD/neurotic behaviors like spinning, chasing light glints, obsessive licking, leash biting, teeth clacking
Equipment conditioning, proper fit/use and acceptance to slip leads, long lines, choke collars, harnesses, backpacks, brushes, shavers, blow dryers, nail trimmers, ear cleaners, coat sprays, remote collars, bark collars, head halters, giving pills and medications
Eating undesirable objects like mulch, socks, feminine items, human/child belongings, rocks, toys, towels, shoes
Sit position command, verbal cue, hand signal, sit for greetings, sit stay, leash cue for sit, under correction
Down position command, verbal/hand signal, folding vs crawling forward down gymnastics, on varying surfaces, under correction
Come command, remote collar recall, recall away from wildlife, chasing, swimming, in small and large areas, dog parks
Stay command, boundary/surface stays, doorways, vehicles, in public, with guests, everyday distractions, multi-dog
Tug of war, releasing the toy, bringing the toy back, holding the toy in mouth, fetch, search and find the toy
Leash pulling, lunging, weaving, spinning, tripping, under foot, dragging behind, leash chewing, formal heeling, offleash heeling...

Customized training solutions are always welcome!

Schedule your session by calling or texting 830-557-7026 or