Online Dog Training

realize that your dog needs an education. Now, you can train at your own pace with
personalized courses from Top Paw Training!

     Dog training isn't calculus. Even kids can do it! There's a modern trend in the dog training world lately where trainers are acting like only they know all the special secrets to getting dogs to behave and that the general public or pet owners just aren't smart enough to understand it. FALSE!     
The truth is, there's a lot YOU can do with your dog to teach good manners, life skills, and obedience commands that will set you up for success in the long run and build a relationship with your companion dog.

Group classes and in-home sessions not always a great fit for all dog owners. Online training allows you to address challenges and goals faster or slower depending on a number of life factors. Many find that training their dogs in their homes is comfortable, easy, and becomes a special, fun time between their dog and family.

I will show you where to start, guide you through each step and show you what mistakes to avoid. The benefit of training your own dog is a lifetime of understanding and a special relationship together. With my easy how-to instructions, you can change the way your dog behaves at every interaction.

Top Paw Training's Online Dog School offers...

    Every client gets a one-on-one consultation with the trainer over phone or internet video chat. E-bboks, videos, custom prescriptions are made for your dog, family, and solutions. Phone checkups and Q/A is scheduled at checkpoints or when you need help from the trainer.

  • Subscription-based or individual courses for purchase. Custom made courses and assessments are available.
  • You start and end whenever you want, no deadlines or limits. Purchase only the courses your dog needs.
  • Access to Video Tutorials, infosheets, ebooks, scheduled syllabus, and weekly newsletters keep you on track.
  • Communication with your trainer via Skype or Google Video/Chat, phone and email.
  • Focused programs to address your individual dog's needs like: Puppy Foundations, Adult Dog Foundation, Obedience Commands, Fearful Dog, Aggressive Dog, Active Dog, Potty Training, Training Multiple Dogs and more common dog behavior solutions.
  • Skill-building games, manners, evaluating tests and a checklist of challenges to make sure your dog is really learning.
  • You'll enjoy working at your own pace in your own home. Your own personal dog training coach is just a  call or click away when you need extra support.
  • Train your dog with lure/reward training- the original, easiest, most efficient and effective way of training your dog. (Forget about clickers, choke chains, and gimmick training theory- it's doesn't need to be that complicated!) All you need is a dog and some rewards. You'll show your dog what you want by luring, or a fun game, and then reward the dog when he does it. The dog learns to do it better and better and you fade the rewards so the dog only gets food for the best efforts. It's that simple! The only punishment needed involves using your voice to change your tone.

You can teach your dog...

  • Obedience Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Up/Off, Bed, Gentle, Leave-it, polite greeting, attention and focus
  • In-home Manners: Ring a bell to go potty, Go potty on command, furniture etiquette, car ride manners, quiet on command, crate training, Settle and massage time, following you
  • Problem Solutions for jumping, barking, hyperactivity, chewing, potty training, pulling
  • Tricks: Speak, Jump into my arms, Shake, Bow, High-five, Rollover, Crawl, Spin, Beg, Play dead
  • Dog games: Nosework games like find the ball or find the keys
 Online Dog Training

    Learn how to train your own dog manners and commands from your home at your convenience. Simple exercises and skills are taught through reward-based games via video and infosheets. Do-it-yourself with the option of calling the trainer if you need more help. Learn more...