Obedience Boarding School 3

Obedience Boarding School: A unique program for education & transformation.

Training for your Dog

1. Touch and Restraint Acceptance 

Results in easier bathing, brushing, grooming, nail trimming, calmer vet visits, social confidence & trust thresholds for leadership, and creates calm cuddling etiquette.

2. Proper Leash Communication 

Results in loose leash walking, no more leash reactivity, lunging, lagging or pulling, works as “secret language” when you need attention, control or command guidance around distractions.

3. Sit and Down Position Commands 

Results in a dog that listens to verbal and leash cues for putting his body in the polite, anchored sit or down positions while halting on a walk, waiting for attention, while in the room with you, or in your vehicle for a ride, instead of jumping, restless pacing or being underfoot.

4. Bed Stay Command 

Results in a dog that can be a part of life while anchored on his comfortable dog bed until you release him, so you can control his activity and location based upon the energy level of the situation or consideration to distractions and routine.

5. Formal Stay Command 

Results in a dog that waits politely (on or offleash) to enter or exit through doorways/vehicles, will lie down and stay until released in your home/yard, when out on the town or spontaneous locations as needed for 5 minutes or more.

6. Recall Command 

Results in a dog that comes when called both on and off the leash- in the home, yard, trail, ranch, river, etc. & resists distractions, like interesting smells, deer, livestock and social stress or reactivity.

7. Offleash Training 

Results in dog and family that understand the invisible, gentle communication of the remote collar that can create safety and clarity even when at a distance. Good for allowing a dog to be a dog while maintaining a solid connection where expectations can be enforced quickly & giving you both the freedom to enjoy your front yard, dog park or recreational park or a wilderness hike while offleash.

8. Home Manners 

Results in a dog that understands the expectations of an indoor pet to include: crate and potty training, polite greeting, doorbell reactivity control, self-control with food and possessions, space respect for home areas, furniture, doorways, & counters, gentle play with children & other pets, calm behavior, lower territorialism and nuisance barking, structure and routine that create a easy-to-live with animal. Your dog will spend time in our home with the family, just like he will with you.

9. Socialization 

Results in an animal with balanced tolerances for people, other dogs, distractions and public places- like busy commercial stores, downtown streets, neighborhood parks, hiking trails, dog parks- due to our frequent outings that guide and promote polite, self-controlled behaviors and find relaxation so that you may include your dog in activities outside of your home. Also includes vehicle travel manners and social play with compatible dog companions.

Training for You

1. Personalized Handler Support During the Program

Results in a handler that understands what your expert dog trainer is teaching your dog via weekly phone calls and videos proving a happy, wagging tail with successful focus and completion of the command exercises. Allows you to envision a new way of applying and understanding the skills by speaking directly with your dog’s daily trainer, not a receptionist. The instructional videos also explain what and why the skill is working and how to promote a happy obedient dog.

2. Personalized Handler Support After the Program 

Results in complete education for both dog and handler through hands-on skills and demonstration with the dog trainer in your home and favorite places, instead of at the trainer’s facility. Rehearsal of skills that suits your individual dog the best and troubleshooting when old habits pop up. Support of your dog’s trained skills is included for the lifetime of the dog. In-home visits or public meetups to review skills or practice applying the training is included in followup sessions.

3. Skills You Can Make Your Own & Use on Every Dog 

Results in an education that you can apply to an older family dog or new dog in the future. Our routines and advice are easy and flexible, so they can be applied to any dog or situation to help you communicate clearly and find obedience while building or strengthening your relationship. You’ll be a confident leader that can stay curious about what works and what else you can try- and we’re always here to help!

Included Equipment

Custom Training Collar and Leash

Long Line

Remote Collar System