Natural Raw Diet

    I have major food allergies. Before I knew that I was eating unhealthy food that I was allergic to, my life was dominated by health problems. The food I was eating was simply making me sick. I did my research and changed my diet completely. I'm now healthy and strong, happy and no longer plagued by sickenss. Because of the healthy food I eat, and the bad foods I avoid, my life has changed for the better. I learned alot through my journey back to health- about fitness, diet, nutrition and what's natural for my body. It got me thinking...
    What about our pets? It seemed common sense to me that my poor dogs and cats shouldn't be eating corn, grain and preservatives from a bag each day. They are carnivores! I instantly upgraded to a ultra-premium pet food that was grain-free and had no unnatural products. It was expensive but it helped their health a little. My pets were still having issues with smelly, itchy skins problems, digestive upsets, bad breath from poor dental health, joint problems and no matter how much I exercised them or reduced their feed, their body fat remained too high for an athletic carnivore. They were lazy, sick, modern pets addicted to a poor diet. They should be lean, mean hunting machines. I was tired of vet bills $$$$.
  I knew diet was the key to health for my pets, just like it wsa for me. I learned how to feed them a natural raw diet suited for carnivores and based on a prey model. It's the best thing I've ever done for my pets. Period. 

Your Pets Can Be Healthy Too!

    I recommend you feed for your pets the best food available- a natural raw diet. There's alot to learn, but I've done alot of the math and studying for my own dogs. Let me share my knowledge and experience to fast track your pets to good health. It costs about the same a good commercial food (in fact, it was cheaper for my pets by $15 a month!). It's actually really easy to do and the benefits are quickly seen and measured!
Benefits From a Natural Raw Diet
You'll notice some immediate changes when you switch to a natural raw diet!
  • For one, raw food is more digestible so their stool and hydration improves. Their stool also smells less. Stools are smaller and they only go about twice a day. The stool turns to a white powder in two days and disappears from the yard.
  • The doggy odor goes away! The cats stopped shedding, scratching and licking all the time. Their dry, flaky skin was healed. All the pets got sleek, shiny hair that didn't fall out everytime you pet them. The greasy, stinky yeast and bacterial infection cycle that one of our dogs had, disappeared and there was no more need for expensive antibiotics and antifungals and shampoos.
  • My dog's bad breath went away. Her teeth used to be dirty at the young age of two, but now are white, fresh & clean. The cats teeth improved also. The brown plaque was gone and their gums were not inflammed at the gum line anymore.
  • The cats had always been overweight from grazing on diet food, but the fat melted off with natural raw food. Their muscles acutally ripple under their fur now and they are back to climbing trees and not just sleeping all day. They jump around and play too. It seems their energy is back with the right food.
  • The dogs lost body fat but gained muscle. Their jumps are stronger now and faster than ever. They are able to move much more athleticlly and jog farther without getting as tired. She no longer limps after laying down on one side for a long time either. Her joints seem more lubricated from the natural nutrients in the proper food.
  • I switched the dogs to a natural raw diet in one day. It took the cats between 1 - 8 days.
I'm positive that you will see a major health improvement in your pets too!

Where Do You Start?

    A natural raw diet is easy once you understand the principles for keeping nutritional balance. There's alot of conflicting information and advice out there on the internet, from vets paid by pet food companies to complicated measurement equations. It can seem confusing and overwhleming. That's where I come in...
    If you feel that you're ready to help your pets be healthy, I will take the plunge with you! I will send you a menu for each pet and help you with steps to get them to ultimate health through a natural raw diet. I include proper nutritional ratios and ingredients, plus a shopping list and weekly menu to follow. I also include costs $ so you can anticipate what to spend. This will get you started while you are learning. With my help, feeding a natural raw diet will be the easiest, best-thing-you've-ever-done for your pets.
    I need to know some things about your pets to help you make the switch. Fill out the questionaire and then I will call you to discuss your needs. You will also need to learn the basic principles of the natural raw diet so you don't feed the wrong ingredients or develop an inbalance in your pet's nutrition. It's super easy and well worth the time. Someday, you may help someone with their pet's diet too! Thousands of people feed their dogs, cats and ferrets a natural raw diet because it's easy and healthy.
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