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Bruno Leal

Quick Video for Jackson

posted Oct 15, 2015, 1:50 PM by Top Paw Training   [ updated Oct 15, 2015, 1:51 PM ]

 Bruno is doing super well at training and I took this quick video of a session after lunch. He loves the little pit bull puppy, Benny, so I let them play together afterwards. He doesn't need to work with a leash on and is already offleash around the property. He's reviewing sit, down and bed targeting without a leash and in a freestyle way to keep things fun and relaxed. This shows me if he's really learning something. Other days, I structure things very carefully to teach finer details. 
You can see that he's happy, motivated and self-controlled. He's getting better and will do all this in your home very soon! 

Bruno on YouTube

Other pictures from this week...

Bruno's Progress

posted Oct 13, 2015, 12:58 PM by Top Paw Training   [ updated Oct 13, 2015, 1:12 PM ]

    Bruno is progressing so well and learning to be more confident around dogs. It seems that the reason he fence fights and is territorial is because he is unsure and uncomfortable with other dog's threatening his space so he defends it with a growl or a charge. He will occasionally growl at super dominant dogs or busy-types near his crate. I brought a new puppy home yesterday and he was not so happy to meet him but now they are happy next to each other after they got to know one another. In the pic below, Bruno is meeting Tulsa and Duncan through the fence (which is off). He is wearing his remote collar to control any intensity issues that might arise. 
He is fully offleash now. That means he can maintain control and command enforcement through the remote collar and no longer needs his leash for physical control. He takes his potty breaks and walks while on the remote collar. Here's a pic from the early morning sunrise. You can barely make him out but he has his collar light on for safety and visibility. 
He has lost quite a bit of weight but is fit as a fiddle now. His muscle ripples under his brindle coat (the color of the tiger-stripe color) and he looks much more like a German Shorthaired Pointer conformation now that he is not fat. Such a handsome boy! You can see that his nose is healing as well as his ears and eye lids. This is the stuff I use: 

Shapleys Original M-T-G 8oz

He is beginning his stays and will be ready for public work soon. I'll get a video and keep you posted here. feel free to comment, email, text or call anytime.  You may also share this page using the www link.

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