Benny: the pup in charge!

posted Oct 15, 2015, 2:19 PM by Top Paw Training   [ updated Oct 15, 2015, 2:35 PM ]
Mr. Benny has been quite the little puppy in charge here since his arrival! We just love his sassy and confident demeanor! He has quite a voice on him but is learning to stop barking for everything. It's a common puppy thing and he's taking training very well. He is almost crate trained and working on potty training. I'm also working on him being gentle and not scraping his teeth on skin. He's pretty gentle for the most part until he loses all control and nips and scrapes his teeth. He got my arm and chin today so it's on my list of major to-do's! I did some touch and restraint acceptance exercises and he understood not to wriggle free from restraint just because he wants to. Much improved in just one session! Very smart little guy!
Yesterday he was scared to death of Duncan barking at him because he wanted to play. He just didn't think that it was very nice so he tried to run back to the backdoor and get back inside the house. :( awww. I coached him through it and told him that it was okay and helped him to watch Duncan for a bit. He felt better and today they played together happily. He also likes Bruno! 
He's a little hesitant to go potty on leash while I'm there watching, but he's learning that its what he's supposed to do when he goes outside & I say "go potty". We'll get there...
We talk daily walks throughout the day and when Jacob gets home from school and he love running in the pastures. 

Watch Benny play with Bruno: see Benny at 4:12

Benny playing with Bruno