Adopt A Trained Dog

    From time to time, we know of some exceptional, fully-trained dogs that need homes. If your heart is open to a professionally trained rescue dog please call 830-557-7026. Dog training instruction and handling education is included with the adoption. Email for more pictures and video.  Adoptions are subject to an application process and fee.
Available Trained Dogs


Breed: Sharpei + Beagle Mix

Age:  1-2 years old

Sex: Female, spayed

History: Tulsa is an owner-relinquished dog that was originally going to be trained as a psychiatric service dog. She has had a large amount of obedience training, service dog training and temperament testing/training. She is being offered for rehoming as a pet, not as a PSD/ESD.
Health: 45lb, excellent dental health, feet, body, muscular, easy-care coarse coat, big eyes. Fully vaccinated, micro-chipped. Yodels, sings and talks to you. Has a low volume bark. Not a barker, just a talker.
Skills: Crate trained, potty trained, rides calmly in car in crate or on the seat, indoor dog (loose in home), obedience training, offleash remote collar trained. Bathes, grooms, nail clips well. Not a stinky dog.

Temperament: Very calm and gentle. Easy to cuddle with or sit with on the sofa, wonderfully social with people and other dogs of all sizes and temperaments, friendly with women and men. Exceptionally sweet and gentle with kids. 

Confident and independent, but not dominant. Not afraid of thunder or lightning sounds. No separation anxiety or major fears. Affectionate and silly towards handler, once bonded. Can be somewhat stoic, if a little dry until bonded. Low energy and low activity demands. 

Social Skills: Loves to play a mild game of chase, wrestling and cuddling with other dogs- large and small.  gentle with children, polite and confident around men and women of all ages. Safe around livestock.

Suitable Homes: Great with men or women, children, other dogs. If you have a yard, it would need to be secure as she is intelligent enough to learn to climb and escape after prey animals (squirrels, deer). Not a digger. Would be excellent trail/hiking dog or running companion. Would be a great uptown companion dog. Urban apartment life is okay for this dog with a daily walk. Dog parks are OK for her. 

Favorite Activities: Sniffing EVERYTHING! Cuddling and attention. Car rides!!! Playing outside with other dogs. 

Practical Limitations: Controllable prey drive towards cats, squirrels, deer and cows. Would do best in a home without cats.