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Stay, Recall, Targeting

posted Feb 26, 2011, 10:50 AM by Top Paw Training   [ updated Feb 26, 2011, 11:04 AM ]
The weather and springtime sicknesses have been quite the interrupter for our training progress but we are back on track now. Thanks for all your hard work through the last few weeks!
Last session we brought hungry dogs, double treats, and rugs to use as bed areas.
We discussed the stay and reviewed the restrained recall game. I saw significant improvement in the handler ability, dog reactivity, and confidence in every animal  (human too) there. Way to go group!
The session focused on teaching the dog to target a rug to be used as an anchor position for more advanced behaviors that we are moving into. So far we have done alot of positions and foundation building where we want the dog right there in front of us. Now we want to teach the dog to think in a more expansive way. It's time to encourage the dogs to problem solve to get their reward- they now have to move away from us.
The idea is to teach them to go to their bed to get a reward. We could help them with words, body language or baiting but for this task we are going to help them as little as possible so they can recognize that offering behaviors is safe and rewarding.
All of the dogs did AMAZING! Don't forget- this is a complex exercise- Handlers, you did AWESOME too!
We rotated bed locations to help the dogs generalize the skill. We also implemented sit and down positions on the bed while building duration.
To conclude the session, we worked on "spin" to the right and left. This will help us to prepare our dogs for heeling and quick turns later.