Top Paw Training provides an established, affordable, and personalized training program for companion pets and psychiatric service dogs with a high degree of professionalism, experience and commitment. 

    I quickly transform your dog into a well-behaved family member at home, in public, and even offleash. Whether it's obedience command training, psychiatric service dog public access and task training, reliable offleash freedom, stubborn habit-breaking, or reactivity- I can help! I accept dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds. 

    Isn't it time you "Live Life with Your Dog to the Fullest"? Begin your dog's training by calling Alison Mayo at 830-557-7026 or email the dog trainer

Obedience Boarding School: 
A Complete Dog Education

Your dog lives inside my home, like a family member, for a complete education that improves "the whole dog" with temperament balancing, socialization skills, home manners, everyday obedience commands and advanced offleash reliability. Custom Service Dog Program also available.
    Afterwards, I coach you to be an effective handler with my easy leadership system, giving you the confidence to fully enjoy your dog's new skills and connect with your pet on a deeper level. This ensures your investment is never wasted.
    Only a couple of dogs are accepted per month so I can spend extensive training time with each. The program skillset exceeds APDT's C.L.A.S.S. and AKC's CGC standards. For service dogs, I train to ADI service dog standards.

Top Paw Training's Affordable Rates

Advanced Obedience and Offleash Training: $2500
Includes premium equipment and handler coaching. 
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Personalized Service Dog Training starting at $2500
Includes in-depth handler education. 
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Offleash Essentials: Freedom with Control:
Trust your dog to listen offleash @ $590
Includes premium equipment
Top Paw Training uses Proven Reward-based Methods
The Power of Results-Based Dog Training

    Science, history and personal experience have indeed proven that teaching with rewards, paired with effective discipline, balances out communication so your dog will learn quickly and reliably creating the behavioral results you demand.
    My approach rewards early-learning with food treats so your dog will become fluent at the new skills. Then, we progress into real-life-scenarios to incorporate self-control skills to ensure your dog will obey even if he isn't motivated, so you won't have to rely on treats or bribes!
    You'll learn to command your dog, reinforce and use high-tech equipment for advanced, reliable behaviors and offleash control. I've created an easy handling system so you'll remain confidently in charge, even when your dog doesn't want to listen. I'll give you insight to your dog's temperament so you can understand and reach your dog at his level and remain bonded. I even have solutions for the most stubborn of dogs! 

Your Dog Trainer: Alison Mayo 
   With 8 years of professional dog training success, I have the experience & know-how to effectively train your individual dog: the proper balance of rewards, corrections, motivation, and distractions will change your dog's behaviors for the better, for the long-term. You'll succeed at commanding your dog with my "Hot & Cold" communication system and form a useful bond of teamwork with your dog. Read client's testimonials.