"Well-Trained for a Life Well-Lived"

    Our goal is to improve the companionship you have with your dogs, so we've designed our dog training to be easy for pet owners to use- so you can get your dog to behave for YOU. 

    Our uncomplicated, practical behavior solutions give YOU the tools necessary to achieve obedience and understanding from your dog in a variety of situations. 

    It's a well-trained dog that can be a full part of your life: a dog that lives inside with the family, that walks politely, can travel where you travel, and enjoy the world by your side. Let us help your dog become "Well-Trained for a Life Well-Lived."

Our Complete Service for Companion Dogs   

    Our specialty is "Obedience Boarding School." Differing from traditional board and train programs, here, we teach your dog to be an ideal companion by letting him practice being one! With us, your dog actually lives with the dog trainer at home (not at a kennel) as a part of the family: playing with other student dogs, practicing skills during public outings, and having downtime inside the home with the family, all while still maintaining the structure and intensity of a "board and train" education. 

   While your dog is immersed in training, we keep in touch with you through a personalized "dog blog", pictures, videos, and phone calls to tell you how your pet is progressing and to teach you ways to command, communicate and control your dog before he graduates. Afterwards, your dog trainer will help you in your home and in public sessions to ensure you are succeeding together. Every program is personalized to your dog and your goals. << Read Testimonials

Our Dog Trainers Support Your Success
   Our trainers' expertise is in animal behavior and learning theory, so we are pretty great at training your dog, but don't worry- you won't hear us preaching about methodologies and mysterious scientific explanations. No complex systems of instruction or gimmicky equipment sold here! Our real job is to teach you simple tools to apply when you need it the most to get behavior results. 
  •     We'll show you what's really important for getting your dog to listen to you and obey in a way that makes common sense (and actually works!)  
  •     We teach ways to tell your dog what you want, so he can learn how to make good choices and have self control, not "tricks that your dog only does for treats". 
    Let us show you how to get your dog to listen to you!

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