Top Paw Training provides an exclusive Companion Dog Training program that quickly transforms your dog into a well-behaved companion at home, in public, and even offleash. Begin your dog's Obedience Boarding School by calling 830-557-7026 or  emailing the dog trainer. Learn what makes this program the superior choice for your companion dog. 

Your Dog Needs Obedience Boarding School

    I go way beyond the typical board and train program: Enroll your dog to stay in my home for a complete education that improves "the whole dog" with home manners, everyday obedience commands and advanced offleash reliability. Then, I coach you to be a confident handler- that's what makes our program superior.
    Relevant, real-life training will reform your dog to become a true companion dog. Your dog will build skills through quality socialization with people & other dogs, plus public visits in this personalized stay.
    Only 2 dogs per month are accepted so I can spend extensive training time with each. You won't find another program like this!
    Afterwards, you'll get thorough handler education, giving you the confidence to fully enjoy your dog's new skills and connect with your pet on a deeper level. This ensures your investment is never wasted. 
    The program exceeds APDT's C.L.A.S.S. and AKC's CGC standards.
    Call 830-557-7026 to enroll your dog.

Top Paw Training's Affordable Pricing 

Fees includes premium equipment and handler coaching.
Payment schedules accepted.

The Power of Results-Based, Balanced Dog TrainingTop Paw Training uses Proven Reward-based Methods

    Science and history have shown that reward-based methods are most humane and effective for training animals new behaviors.
    My balanced, results-based approach includes rewarded early-learning and a proofing phase to ensure your dog will obey even if he isn't motivated, so you won't have to rely on treats or bribes!
    I also coach you to command your dog, reinforce and to use high-tech equipment for advanced, reliable behaviors and offleash control.
    I have solutions for even the most stubborn of dogs. All breeds and sizes of dogs are welcomed to learn- Enroll Your Dog!

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