"Well-Trained for a Life Well-Lived"

    Top Paw Training believes that good dog training should improve the companionship with our dogs. Dog training should be simple, effective and work quickly. Our no-nonsense approach allows both dog and human to understand each other so you can spend quality time together.

    It's a well-trained dog that can be a full part of your life- a dog that lives inside with the family, that walks politely by your side, can travel where you travel, and enjoy the fullness of the world. That's what we mean when we say "Well-Trained for a Life Well-Lived."

    This full-service program teaches your dog how to be a companion dog by living in a dog trainer's home.

    Your dog trainer also coaches you to be an effective leader through video, literature, and hands-on guidance- giving you the confidence to fully enjoy your dog's skills.

Dog Training Services

    Our services educate both you and your dog so you can share more life together. 

Top Paw Training offers:

+ Board and Train Programs
+ Private Session Training
+ In-Home Training
+ Membership Group Classes
+ Training "Out on the Town"
+ Puppy Training
+ Reactive Dog "Growl Class"
+ Obedience Training
+ Potty Training
+ Aggression Rehabilitation
+ Service Dog Teamwork
+ Phone, Online Dog Training
+ Offleash Control Training

Serving Texans and their Dogs in Austin and to the state line.

Now Accepting Enrollments:
Obedience Boarding School: 
October 1st
November 12th