Board and Train Transformation with the Comforts of Home

    Our service, Obedience Boarding School, transforms your dog into a indoor canine companion that will behave for you in your home, offleash and on your travels. 
Our program is unique from traditional board and train programs: 
  • With us, your dog actually lives at the dog trainer's home. This way, the dog trainer can coach your dog in formal and informal learning opportunities encountered throughout the entire day.
  • Our program includes much more than just commands! Our student dogs play together and socialize while practicing skills around distractions during outings in public and inside our home around real-life activities, just like at your home! It's like doggy leadership school, not bootcamp.
  • Most importantly, you get the full benefit of your dog's education through our Handler Leadership Coaching. We show you ways of applying your dog's commands in everyday life by sending you videos of your dog's progress and improvements. We also call you weekly to teach the ways to command and communicate so you are ready to take the leash when we deliver your fully-trained dog back to your home, where the trainer will help you with hands-on practice, follow-up sessions and public outings.

    Let's setup a phone consult and begin your dog's customized training program: 830-557-7026. Obedience Boarding School is the ONLY service we offer, so we can focus on our student dogs and graduates for whenever you need more coaching or a refresher session. Your program is personalized to your dog, your goals, and your lifestyle.

We E
nsure Your Dog Will Listen to You
    It's our priority to ensure your dog will listen to YOU the same way he listened to the dog trainer.  

You will be able to truly enjoy your pet's training by using our simple Handler Leadership Coaching.

1. We fully train your dog to understand commands and consequences using an easy communication system based off clear expectations and "Yes/No" responses.

2. We send you video of your dog learning and changing to demonstrate how to apply "Yes/No" responses.

3. You'll be ready to use our system of Handler Leadership when your dog graduates, with support from literature, video demos, hands-on coaching and follow-up sessions in your home or place you need extra help.

Our Client Testimonials prove transformation is possible! A quality reference list to provide feedback about our program experience and the quality of the dog's skills trained and retained is available.

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July 5th, 2016
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