Transformational Board and Train Service with All the Comforts of Home

    Top Paw Training's specialty service, "Obedience Boarding School", is unique from traditional board and train programs. With us, your dog actually lives with the dog trainer as a family member (not outside in a kennel) playing with other student dogs, practicing skills during public outings, and practicing  training skills inside the home around normal, "real-life" activities, just like at your home! 

    Most importantly, we make sure you get the most out of your dog's education by helping you apply your dog's commands in everyday life using our Handler Leadership system. We send you pictures and video of your dog's progress through a personalized "dog blog", and call you weekly. We also teach you the ways to command, communicate and control your dog before he graduates so you are ready to take the leash when we bring him back home. Read Testimonials of Transformation. 

    Afterwards, your dog trainer will help you at home and in public sessions. Obedience Boarding School is the ONLY service we offer, so we are available to help you whenever you need help or a refresher session. Your program is personalized to your dog, your goals, and your lifestyle.

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We E
nsure Your Dog Will Listen to You
    It's our priority to ensure your dog will listen to YOU the same way he listened to the dog trainer.  You will be able to truly enjoy your pet's training by using our simple Handler Leadership system of telling your dog "Hot/Cold".

1. We fully train your dog to understand commands and consequences using "Hot/Cold" responses.

2. We send you video of your dog learning and changing to demonstrate how to apply "Hot/Cold" responses.

3. You'll be ready to use our system of Handler Leadership when your dog graduates, thanks to the literature, video demos and hands-on coaching we provide. Our Client Testimonials prove transformation is possible!

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We serve the entire state of Texas. We are located near Austin, Texas.

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